Reed and Berbach

Family History

Other Notable Ancestors

Grantee, Freeholder and an Original Inhabitant of New Harlem, Manhatten, New Netherland

Grantee or Proprietor and an Original Inhabitant of Schenectady, New Netherland

Grantee/Patentee of the Windecker Patent and the Countryman Patent (Minden, Montgomery Cnty, New York) and one of the original Palatine settlers in the Mohawk Valley, 1730

Grantee/Patentee and Inhabitant of the New Paltz Patent, New York


Early Freeholder and Inhabitant of Schenectady, New York

Original emigrants from the Palatinate to the West Camps (Palatine settlements) on the Hudson River, New York Colony

Other interesting individuals

Samuel Hammond (1730-1801), whaler in New Bedford, MA

John Brownell (1787-1870), blacksmith in Fish House, Northampton, New York

Thomas Brownell (1608-1664), seems to be a follower of Anne Hutchinson, but not proven

Lydia Gilbert (wife of Thomas) (  -1654_55), accused and probably hanged as a witch in Hartford, CT